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Category: knitting Must Have

knitting Must Have

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  • Finger Yarn Guide

    R20,00 Incl Vat
    Colour Name:Silver


    – This coiled ring worn on the tip of your finger, to helps hold yarns and keep an even tension

    – Works well, comfortable and stayed in place

    – Material:Metal

    – Diameter: Approx.1.2mm/0.05inch

    Package Includes:

    1 Piece Yarn Strand Guide

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  • Glove Blocker

    R159,00 Incl Vat

    Glove blockers or glove stencils make it easier to make homemade or self-crocheted gloves, as the size of the knitted gloves can be easily checked during the knitting process. The stencils are made of a durable wood, the edges are broken, so that the sock thread does not get hooked. The respective size of the glove blockers is engraved on the shaft.

    Which size is the right one? From hand circumference to the correct glove blocker size: The hand is measured at the widest point (red line in the picture). If you don’t have a measuring tape to hand, simply use a twine and then read the length on a meter stick or a ruler.

    Hand circumference size glove blocker

    Available in: (sold Separately)

    The stencils are made of 6 mm thick poplar wood. Due to the production with laser technology, high-precision cuts and edges are created.

    Please note that wood is a natural product and wood grain always differs from product to product. Due to the production, traces of smoke may appear in the product.

    – 1x left glove blocker
    – 1x right glove blocker

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  • Hanger Piping

    R6,50 Incl Vat

    Piping to fit over metal hook on wooden hangers

    sold in 1m lengths

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  • Scarf Hangers

    R5,00 Incl Vat

    sold in pack of 10 hangers

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  • Wooden Hangers

    R5,00R6,00 Incl Vat

    Hanger LRG and SML – packed 3‛s

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  • Wool Winder

    R299,00 Incl Vat

    How to use the Wool Winder

    wool winder, ideal for keeping all your yarns neat and tidy.

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