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Prohibitory Signs

R3,95R99,00 Incl Vat

Available is Sticker, ABS and Chromadeck (steel)

Product Code

PV1, PV2, PV3, PV4, PV5, PV6, PV7, PV8, PV9, PV10, PV11, PV12, PV13, PV14, PV15, PV16, PV17, PV18, PV19, PV20, PV21, PV22, PV23, PV24, PV25, PV26, PV27, PV28, PV29, PV30, PV31, PV32, PV33, PV34, PV35, PV36, PV37, PV38, PV39, PV40, PV41, PV42, PV43, PV44, PV45, PV46, PV47, PV48, PV49, PV50, PV51, PV52, PV53, PV54, PV55, PV56, PV57, PV58, PV59, PV60, PV61, PV62, PV63

Size Required

150 x 150, 190 x 190, 290 x 290, 440 x 440

Material Type

Sticker Only, ABS (Plastic – Indoor), Chromadeck (Steel – Outdoor)

Quantity Required

1 to 10, 11 to 20, 21 to 50, 51 +


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