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Special Tips
Allow for Updates if Needed
If you expect signs to change over time, look for a design that is easy to update or change. In many cases, updates can even be made by your staff instead of returning the sign to the signage company.

Consider Stock Signs
Although most signs are custom made, it is possible to find pre-made standard signs. You can often find stock signs for use in laboratories, retail stores, and warehouses. Buying stock signs can be much cheaper than having a sign custom-made.

Make Use of Magnets
Magnetic signs can be a good alternative for companies seeking to add a sign to cars or trucks. That way, employees who also use the car for personal use can remove the sign after business hours.

Be Prepared to Wait During the Summer
Sign companies are generally busiest during the summer. Expect longer turnaround times during this time of the year.
For many small businesses, signs are an important means of advertising a company's existence. However, signs are not for public display only. They can also help direct visitors around your office and alert employees to hazardous or off-limit areas.

This guide is designed to give you the facts you need to evaluate and choose signs for your business. The various sections are listed in the box above. You can choose to read this guide from beginning to end, or jump directly to a section of interest.

Types of Signs
Signs can be created for outdoor or indoor use.

Typically, outdoor signs are used for marketing purposes or to direct visitors. They can be found on rooftops, walls, and awnings; standing alone by buildings; hanging as banners; and even displayed on the sides of cars and trucks.

Indoor signs are usually hung from ceilings or attached to walls. These signs are usually created for use in a reception area or to direct visitors. Signs are also often created for trade show displays